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Continuous Publication Model

Continuous publication

The Contemporary Sociological Global Review - CSGR (eISSN 2027-7431), (eISP 0840.1433.0921) will move to a continuous publication model in January 2020. This means that as soon as an article is ready to be published, it will be immediately released online rather than waiting for other articles in the issue to be completed, resulting in faster access to the final version of the article.

What is continuous publication?
Issues will build gradually, with articles being added to the contents list as soon as they are ready. The "issue in progress" is the issue that is open and that we are adding new articles to as soon as they are ready to be published. The most recent articles appear at the top of the relevant section.

Why are we introducing continuous publication?
We are committed to making research available for the community as quickly as possible, which is beneficial for both readers and authors.

When will continuous publication be introduced?
We will start continuous publication from the first issue of 2020.

What is the difference between continuous publication and the posting of accepted manuscripts?
Accepted manuscripts are peer-reviewed, author manuscripts that have not yet been copy-edited or professionally formatted. In our new continuous publication model, an accepted manuscript will still be posted in PDF form on our Accepted manuscripts page. We then publish the copy-edited and formatted article online as soon as it is ready; this is the version of record.

If I spot an error in my published article, can I still correct it?
As the final version (PostPrint), the article can no longer be adjusted for minor corrections or typos; for significant errors or inaccuracies, see our corrections and retractions policy.

Will the journal still have the traditional page numbering?
No, consecutive page numbering within an issue is not compatible with the continuous publication model. However, to aid reading of the PDF, each individual article will still be numbered, starting from page 1. For citation purposes, each article will have a persistent identifier of digital uniforms resources (Cirex-iD) and will be clearly visible at the top and botton of every page of the article.

Will there be any changes to the way articles are cited?
Accepted manuscripts should be cited using the persistent identifier of digital uniforms resources (Cirex-iD) as follows:

Author, A., Author, B. C. and Author D. E. (Year). Title of paper here. Journal Name. [Volume/Issue], [Article iD], [Version]. Cirex-iD: xxxx.xxxx.xxxx/xxxxxx

As articles will no longer have consecutive page numbering within an issue, page numbers will not be used in citations and will instead be replaced by the persistent identifier of digital uniforms resources (Cirex-iD). Therefore, after the article has appeared in an issue, either in progress or in the latest complete issue, use the citation format:

Author, A., Author B. C. and Author D. E. (Year). Title of paper here. Contemporary Sociological Global Review - CSGR. Volume X, Issue X, csgr000XX, vX.X Cirex-iD: xxxx.xxxx.xxxx/xxxxxx

For example:
Smith, T. and Evans, R. S. (2020). Politics Violence in Colombian Postconflict. Contemporary Sociological Global Review - CSGR. Volume 8, Issue 8, csgr00044. v2.0. Cirex-iD: 0840.1433.0921/38151x

You have further queries?
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