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The Contemporary Sociological Global Review - CSGR (eISSN 2027-7431) publishes original research articles (Peer Review Process) on theory and methodology areas in the fields of social sciences especially sociology.

The CSGR is available for Social Scientists (e.g. sociologists, historians, anthropologists, policy analysts, economists, demographers, geographers, philosophers, political scientists, psychologists, etc.) and all interested in the new contributions of the social sciences in fields such as conflict, inequality, poverty, human rights, gender, social deviance, globalization, sociology of science, international relations and their different dimensions like economical, political, social and cultural.

Academics in general which interests are related to the challenging and debatable contemporary theoretical and methodological issues.

The CSGR publisher one issue per year by Syllaba Press International Inc., Suite 722-4586, 1900 N. W. 97th Avenue, Doral, Florida 33172, USA and distributed in Open Access by EcoSyllaba Latinoamérica S.A.S.

Accepted for publication Research and Reflection Articles, Reports or Short Communications, Articles Reviews and Books Reviews. Contributions can be sent in Spanish, Portuguese, English or French Languages.

Manuscripts and figures, tables, references and notes, as well as an abstract in Spanish, Portuguese or English Languages should be submitted to the editor using directly the ePublishers Content™ - Academic Editorial Assistant. Text format should be Microsoft Word. Position of tables and figures should be identified. Figure format should be JPEG or PNG. Manuscripts that do not fulfill the requirements will be returned to the author for correction (see Manuscript Preparation in the Guide for Authors Section for more info).


The CSGR is archived in the Digital Preservation System - Oblium™ and use the Persistent Identifier of Digital Uniforms Resources - Cirex-iD™ for on-line certification of copyright of a articles, using the Digital Intellectual Property Registry (SSDT) ​​platform.


Open access content is published on the CSGR website. Abstracts, tables of contents, and author profiles are also freely accessible. The CSGR Archive includes links to all published content from the first issue in 2007 to the present, and a powerful subject and keyword search tool allows for content discovery.

The CSGR suggests the use of the author identifier, we accept the profile of (ORCID, Research ID, Scopus Author ID, SciENcv, My NCBI, arXiv Author ID, eRA Commons Username, AuthorClaim)

Up-to-date CSGR news is circulated via the CSGR e-updates, Facebook, and academic listservs.

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